We provide help and educational support to any pupil over 6 years old. This help and educational support can be:

Home schooling for pupils while they sort out a school in the UK.
BHT will provide teachers who can assess your children and gauge where they might need help to catch up in order for them to be able to join the UK school more

We can assess your child academically and advise you about schools and help prepare them for their entrance exams.
Over half of the pupils we help are aged 12 years old and under. In part this reflects the highly competitive nature of getting in to top UK schools...Academic assessment and entrance exam preparation

We can help with Common Entrance exams; often to top schools such as Westminster, Winchester, St Paul’s, Eton, Charterhouse, Oundle, Uppingham, Rugby, Harrow, Wycombe Abbey, Brighton College and St Mary’s Calne.
Entrance requirements and subject examinations for entrance to top schools in the UK can vary from school to more

We can advise pupils about their subject choice after their GCSEs and about their Sixth Form options.
We will explain what is involved if your child wants to study a certain subject, what the implications are for their university more

We can help with UCAS, Personal Statements and applications to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE
It is not unusual for pupils of 17 years of age not to know what they want to do for the remainder of their lives. Indeed it is remarkable that some of them do. more

We can help with applications to medical and veterinary schools; BMAT and UKCAT.
Applications to study medicine require a different approach from other university applications. Not only is a strong background in science required but the BMAT and more

We also help with applications to universities in the USA.
Increasingly top UK schools are sending pupils to universities in the USA. This partly reflects the globally mobile world we live in and that education has become more international. more

We teach English and in particular we can help you achieve the IELTS score you require to study at a top university.
If a pupil is from outside the UK and English is not their mother tongue, to obtain a place on a UK university course, the pupil must supply evidence that their English is of a sufficient more

For families based outside the UK, our teachers can teach by skype or in some cases fly over and stay as guests of the family while teaching their children.
It is not unusual for families based outside the UK to request a teacher to go teach at their more

“A colleague recommended BHT to me and I have never looked back. It is dynamic, professional and unbureaucratic. The tutors have a good working relationship and collaborate or take over from one another seamlessly if required. BHT uses mature teachers with detailed subject knowledge, a common work ethic and high standards. Neither tutors nor parents could fail to be highly satisfied with BHT.”

Teacher, St Paul’s Girls’ School, London


“When I first considered private tuition to supplement my school teacher’s income, I contacted all the leading tutorial agencies. BHT was by far the most professional and really the only organisation to work for if you are a teacher at a top school”.

Teacher, City of London School for Girls